Husband: Nicholas A. MCGHEE (1854-1940)
Wife: Martha A. G. COATS (1857-1884)
Children: Houston Christopher MCGHEE (1876-1973)
Floyd Sylvester MCGHEE (1878-1960)
Richard MCGHEE (1880-1881)
MCGHEE (1884-1884)
Marriage c. 1875 Perry County, Arkansas, USA1

Husband: Nicholas A. MCGHEE

Name: Nicholas A. MCGHEE1
Sex: Male
Father: Nicholas A. MCGHEE (1806-1885)
Mother: Mary (1815- )
Birth 1854 Tennessee, USA1
Death 1940 (age 85-86) Perry County, Arkansas, USA1
Burial Casa, Arkansas, USA
Casa Cemetery

Wife: Martha A. G. COATS

Name: Martha A. G. COATS1
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas W. COATS ( - )
Mother: Susan Jane CAMPBELL ( - )
Birth 25 Dec 1857 Arkansas, USA1
Death 17 May 1884 (age 26) Perry County, Arkansas, USA1
Burial Casa, Arkansas, USA1
Casa Cemetery

Child 1: Houston Christopher MCGHEE

Name: Houston Christopher MCGHEE1
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Helen KELLOGG ( -1898)
Spouse 2: Evelyn Evie COWAN (1887-1964)
Birth 19 Mar 1876 Casa, Arkansas, USA1
Death 27 May 1973 (age 97) Perry County, Arkansas, USA2

Child 2: Floyd Sylvester MCGHEE

Name: Floyd Sylvester MCGHEE1
Sex: Male
Birth 15 Nov 1878 Casa, Arkansas, USA1
Death 11 Feb 1960 (age 81) Casa, Arkansas, USA1
Burial Casa, Arkansas, USA
Casa Cemetery

Child 3: Richard MCGHEE

Name: Richard MCGHEE
Sex: Male
Birth 1880
Death 1881 (age 0-1) Casa, Arkansas, USA

Child 4: MCGHEE

Sex: Unknown
Birth 1884
Death May 1884 (age 0) Casa, Arkansas, USA

Note on Wife: Martha A. G. COATS

Martha A.G.COATS was the sixth known child of Thomas W. Coats, Jr and Susan Jane (Campbell) Coats. Martha was born Dec 25 1857 in Arkansas and died May 17 1884 in Casa, Perry Co., AR as Martha MCGHEE, and was buried in Casa Cemetery.


The coats family moved from Yell Co, AR to Perry Co, AR and Martha was listed as age 2 on the 1860 census in Casa township. Her father and mother died before the 1870 census, when Martha, age 12 and her sisters and brothers were living with Perry Coats, her eldest brother, in Casa township.


Martha married Nicholas A (Dick) McGhee about 1875, probably in Perry co, AR. Records in Perry Co Courthouse before Dec 1881 were destroyed by fire.


Martha died in May 1884, probably in childbirth or complications as there is a tombstone in Casa Cemetery of an infant that died in May 1884 also.


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