What's all this, then?

This website contains details of the family tree of Ian Fraser Nelson and Jocelyn Grace Nelson (née McGhee).

Where do I start?

There is a page showing the first few generations of Ian's ancestors, and another listing Jocelyn's ancestors. Or if you're looking for someone in particular, try the Index Of Names. Throughout the site, names highlighted in green are hyperlinks which will take you to a page of information about that individual or their family.

Who are you?

As you'll see from the site, Ian hails from the small village of Woodsetts in South Yorkshire, England. Jocelyn is from San Jose, California, USA. We married in April 2005 and now live with our family in North Yorkshire, England.

How did you find all this information?

The data comes from a variety of sources, and we have attempted to be diligent in citing our sources for each fact. Heavy use has been made of online repositories, especially Ancestry and ScotlandsPeople, amongst others. We are also very grateful to the many individuals who have shared their memories, photographs and research with us, particularly Helen Durnan, Ron Fairweather, Andrea Morton Forde, Peter Kettle, Charlie McGhee, Garry E Moore, Helen Morris, Diane Nelson and Russell Stones.

I have some information to share with you about someone in your tree!

Cool! We'd love to hear from you. Feel free to drop an email to ian@iannelson.uk.

Why is there so little information about some contemporary individuals?

For privacy reasons, the site includes very little information about individuals who are known or reasonably believed to be living (i.e. names and relationships are shown, but dates of birth and photographs etc are not). Similarly, no records are shown on the site for living individuals under the age of 18. Finally, some people have requested that their details be excluded from the site, and those wishes have been honoured.

I don't want my details to be shown here - can you remove me, please?

Sure - send an email to ian@iannelson.uk with the details of your request and we'll get the relevant details or pages removed ASAP.

How did you create this website?

A standard website was created using the excellent Family Historian software by Calico Pie Software, which we use to undertake all our family history research. That website was then tweaked a bit using some bespoke .NET software developed by Ian and available on GitHub. The theme is based on the commercially-licensed "Absolute" theme for the Ghost blogging platform.